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What is the goal of this game ?

The main goal is to provide food to animals. But be careful, monkeys doesn't eat bones ;) When a animal has eaten his food, he disappear. There is also a Bonus which can make animals and food disappear...

What about the game modes ?

There are three modes : single player (1P), player versus computer (1P vs COM) and player versus player (1P vs 2P). In the 1P mode, you have to make the highest score. You can save your score on the Internet and compare it with others. Consider this mode as a practice. In player versus modes, you are fighting against a human or a computer. You have to win the number of sets specified in the Options. When you play against computer, you'll have to defeat 9 opponents before winning the game !

So, what is the score system ?

The score is the sum of the food eaten, with a bonus of 1 point per animal who is eating with another. Examples: You have made a dog eat 2 bones. Your score will be 2 + 1 = 3. You have made a monkey eat 5 bananas. Your score will be 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 15. You have made two bunnies eat 3 carrots. Your score will be (3 + 2 + 1) (normal score) + 1 (bunny bonus) = 7.
Combos: When you make a combo, your normal score is multiplicated with the number of combos. Example: You have made a dog eat 2 bones, which allow a monkey to eat 4 bananas and by eating, the monkey has allowed a bunny to eat 3 carrots. Your score will be 3 (dog score) * 1 + 10 (monkey score) * 2 + 6 (bunny score) * 3 = 41 !
Bonus: Every animal or food the bonus make desappear makes you 17 points. Example: You have made Bonus disappear 5 bunnies and 3 bones. Your score will be (5 + 3) * 17 = 136.

Good. How do I play ?

1P mode keys
  • left arrow : move blocks left
  • right arrow : move blocks right
  • bottom arrow : move blocks faster to bottom
  • c : rotate block clockwise
  • x : rotate block counterclockwise

A word about the options ?

Level: In easy level, you have 3 animal/food couples. In normal level, you have 4 animal/food couples. In hard level, you have 5 animal/food couples (one more than the original game). Speed: No need to explain that : slow is twice slower as normal and fast is three times faster than slow. Number of winning sets: Here you can fix the number of sets to get to win one match. Of course this is only used in versus modes.